With Germany launching Bremen and Europa into service, Britain did not want to be left behind in the shipbuilding race. Queen Mary, along with RMS Queen Elizabeth, were built as part of Cunard's planned two-ship weekly express service between Southampton, Cherbourg and New York. First letter of inquiry from H.E. opens. Installation of boilers begins around this date. A troopship (also troop ship or troop transport or trooper) is a ship used to carry soldiers, either in peacetime or wartime.Operationally, standard troopships–often drafted from commercial shipping fleets–cannot land troops directly on shore, typically loading and unloading at a seaport or onto smaller vessels, either tenders or barges.. Diana: A Legacy of a Princess Royal Exhibit premiers at the Queen Mary. Docked in New York without the aid of tugs. Between June 1943 and April 1945, the Queen Mary carried nearly 340,000 American and Canadian troops on journeys that covered 180,000 miles. (Photo credit: New-York Historical Society). With her military duty over, the ship reclaims her place as a world-class ocean liner, but a sea of major changes is just starting to become evident. In early 1940, with Australia less than a year into World War 2, a 17-year-old George Shirley used his father’s 16mm movie camera to film two grand visitors to Sydney Harbour. Wrather Port Properties Ltd., a subsidiary of Wrather Corporation, signs a 66-year lease to manage the Queen Mary and adjoining acreage. Work halts on Job #534 because of the Great Depression and an inability to secure further bank loans. Learn More, Queen Mary Update on COVID-19. The discovery of Tutankhamun in color pictures, 1922, The dangerous lives of Pennsylvania coal miners captured in rare photographs, 1942, Intimate photos of the Romanovs, shortly before their execution, 1915-1916, Adolf Hitler's eye color in a rare color photo, The attack on Pearl Harbor from the Japanese perspective, 1941, The Miracle of Dunkirk in rare pictures, 1940, Apollo program astronauts training in Arizona for the Moon missions, 1960s. Twenty of the Queen Mary’s lifeboats were left off the ship to save weight. First cruise: Southampton to Las Palmas. The dock is the largest in the world at the time. Queen Elizabeth returns to England aboard the Queen Mary after three-week good will tour of Canada and the United States. When I found my Uncle Henry’s name on the ship manifest for the Queen Mary on Feb. 22, 1945, I figured it wasn’t him. After 28 months, construction resumes on job #534. The Queen Mary reopens to the public. First time a complete division was carried on any ship. “The Long Voyage” from Gourock, to the Suez, Sydney, Australia, and return to Gourock. Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary were used as troop transports during the Second World War. Unnamed number of troops (Marines) boarded at Nawiliwili on 22nd and 23rd of Arpil, 1945. The political consequences were immense. 5,000 German prisoners of war were also on board. Six war-bride voyages, transporting 12,886 European brides and children to the United States and Canada. Self-guided and guided "Captain's Tour" resume. Queen Mary remained a popular liner during the coming decade. Howards Hughes’ Spruce Goose flying boat opens to the public next to the Queen Mary. Voyage #485 West. The task of building the RMS Queen Mary represented a brave and elusive responsibility, especially in the early 1930s, as she was to be the biggest, quickest and most luxurious liner ever constructed.The early beginnings of the three funneled steel grand vessel started with the strong vision and belief in the future of steamships. Winston Churchill transported from Gourock to New York, to meet with President Roosevelt. Voyage #397 West. Voyage #486 East. Cruise from Southampton to Las Palmas & Gibraltar. The 81,000-tonne Queen Mary, launched in 1936, dwarfed the ageing 4290 tonne Curacao, afloat since July 1916, as the tragedy unfolded about 20 nautical miles off the Irish coast. RMS Queen Elizabeth, ocean liner of the Cunard–White Star line. Preliminary speed trials are made on the way to Southampton. 46-01-03. In 1947, Cunard shareholders acquired the 38% of Cunard-White Star that they didn't already own and in 1949 bought out the entire company, operating individually as the Cunard Line. The voyage would take about 5-7 days on average to go from the East Coast of the US to the British Isles while bringing troops to Europe. Dry docked at the Long Beach Naval Shipyard. First time more than 10,000 persons had traveled on any ship (9,880 troops, 875 crew). Walt Disney Company buys Wrather Corporation for $152 million. The Normandie wins the honor back in 1937. By 1947, Queen Mary had been refitted for passenger service. Carried the greatest number of people on a floating vessel: 15,740 troops, 943 crew. The hull plating is 80% completed and the ship stands nine stories high. Winston Churchill transported from Gourock to Halifax, Canada, for 2nd Quebec "Quadrant" conference. Seven war-bride voyages transporting European brides and children to Canada. Mediterranean cruise: New York, Las Palmas, Tangier, Piraeus, Naples, Cannes, Palma, Gibraltar, Lisbon, Madeira, New York. First Armored Infantry Division (15,125 troops, 863 crew). Wave floods parts of Main, A and B Decks. The North Atlantic Shipping Bill is passed. People in story: Sgt Gerald Edward Hanson. Armament removed from ship, except the six-inch gun. Her first maiden voyage happened on May 27, 1936 when she reached the speed of 33 kn (61 km/h; 38 mph). RMS Queen Mary Passenger Lists 1936-1960. Captain John Treasure Jones, the 33rd and last captain of the Queen Mary dies at the age of 87 at his home in Chandler's Ford, England, just north of the port town of Southampton. Voyage #425. Queen Mary Story and Power Train Tour, and Upper Decks opened, weekends only. Diamond Jubilee Celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Launch and Naming of the great liner. He first joined the Ship Movements Division (Op-38) on 10 January 1941 and became Head of Convoy and Routing Division (Op-37) on 26 January 1942. It is 1,200 feet long, 135 feet wide at its entrance, 59 feet deep, holds 58 million gallons of water, and can hold any ship up to 100,000 tons. The Troopship Queen Mary 7 December 1942 I struggled up the gangplank of the Queen Mary with my heavy suitcase in one hand, a small make-up case in the other, a gas mask and musette bag crisscrossed over my chest, my brown purse hung from my right shoulder plus a canteen filled with water, and a flashlight attached Stabilizers installed aboard the ship at King George Dry Dock in South Hampton. The ship is officially handed over from John Brown Shipyard to Cunard White Star Line at exactly noon. Voyage #419. Walt Disney sails aboard the Queen Mary to attend European Premier of Alice in Wonderland. S. Harding - Gray Ghost. Preview opening of Mary’s Gate Village (Now the Queen’s Marketplace). It’s also possible for some of the soldiers not to have the money for a telegram, so they just showed up in their old town. 1954 - by ship: 1,000,000; by air: 600,000 Crowded ship bringing American troops back home. Fastest eastbound crossing since Blue Riband record: 4 days, 10 hours, 6 minutes. The SS United States secures Blue Riband traveling from Bishop Rock to Ambrose Light in 3 days, 12 hours and 12 minutes. Record turnaround in New York of 17 hours and 58 minutes. 1961 - by ship: 750,000; by air: 2,000,000 Unprecedented luxury and forward-thinking technology make the Queen Mary popular with British Royalty, Hollywood celebrities and dignitaries alike, raising the bar for luxury travel and ultimately becoming the grandest ocean liner ever built. King George V chose the name Queen Mary for the ship in honor of his wife. Part 1. The King George V Graving Dock is officially opened with King George V and Queen Mary steaming into the dry dock aboard the Royal Yacht, Victoria and Albert. Disney advises the City and Port of Long Beach that it will end its lease for the operation of the Queen Mary and Spruce Goose. 11,346 troops and 846 crew. Funnels and both masts are in position. 1126 Queens Highway Long Beach, CA 90802 Voyage #515. This photo is in the Library of Congress. The Queen Mary celebrates 40 years in Long Beach. From The Year 1916 Illustrated. Sailed in convoy with Aquitania, Mauretania (II), Empress of Britain, Empress of Canada, and Empress of Japan, from Sydney, Australia, to Gourock, Scotland, with 5,500 troops. Aero Club of Southern California announces sale of Spruce Goose to Evergreen International Aviation Inc. in McMinnville, Oregon. It was not comfortable. The limited number of other troop ships were smaller, and usually had to travel in slower escorted convoys because of the submarine threat. In this role, she carried 776 first class, 774 cabin class and 579 tourist class passengers. Accommodations increased from  2,140 to 5,500. Winston Churchil returns to Gourock, Scotland, with 15,116 troops. Ship transferred to Atlantic Ocean. Queen Mary as troop ship (Part 1) After tea up to Prom deck, terrifically crowded -—RAF dance band in operation — very hot with... Queen Mary as troop ship (Part 2) Get Directions, Info & Reservations  (562) 435-3510 On 21 March 1940 the Queen Mary left New York Harbour bound for Sydney, where the plan was to convert her into a troopship. First voyage as a troop transport. The dock is the largest in the world at the time. Troop capacity increased. Location of story: Greenock to Egypt 1942/43. The Queen Mary collides with British light cruiser Curacoa. Aug 5, 2014 - Queen Mary in WWII when it was a Troop Carrier ship to Germany They overwhelmingly applauded the later option. With her record-breaking speed and size, the Queen Mary is retrofitted to serve as a troop ship during WWII. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Her carrying capacity was over 15,000 troops and over 900 crew. The Queen Mary departs John Brown Shipyard, steaming down the Clyde River to Gourock, Scotland. The troops would get off the ship, go to a Western Union office, send their family a telegram telling them when and how they would be getting home, and then they would get the train to there. Prince Michael of Kent representing the British Royal Family, grandson of Her Majesty Queen Mary; Scotland's Clydebank District Provost Jack McAllister and other special guests. Removed from British registry and officially turned over to the City of Long Beach. This was an incredible feat, duplicated by the Mary's sister ship the Queen Elizabeth, which had also been adapted for troop-carrying. The Queen Mary held the Blue Riband since August 8, 1938. Official speed trials are held in the Irish Sea off the Isle of Arran. How did anyone find their family members when everyone got off the boat? It was displayed at the head of the main staircase on Promenade Deck and is now located on board the Queen Elizabeth 2. come to an end with the surrender of Japan there remained the enormous task of bringing home the thousands of military personnel scattered across the globe Participating in the post-war sea trials in the English Channel and met the Queen Elizabeth for the first time during peace off the coast of South Hampton in the Solant just off Cowes. The ship was also used to return American troops from Europe after the war. With her sister ship Queen Elizabeth, the two "Queens" enabled D-day to happen in 1944 and not in 1945. This is troopship Queen Elisabeth. Hull damaged while entering dry dock in Boston Naval Shipyard. She could move an entire army division in one voyage. Two Cunard legends meet for the first time. Sailed alone. The effective date for transferring the assets of the Cunard Steamship Company and the White Star Line, to the newly formed Cunard White Star, LTD. Cunard was credited with 62% of the share capital and White Star with 38%. Voyage #382 East. Crossing time: 5 days, 5 hours and 13 minutes. During her war service as a troopship Queen Elizabeth carried more than 750,000 troops, and she also sailed some 500,000 miles (800,000 km). All Digitized Passenger Lists For the RMS Queen Mary Available at the GG Archives. Fastest ever turn - around in dry dock, and first time ever sailed with passengers from dry dock. Thank you. Won the Blue Riband back from the Normandie on her 48th round-trip voyage. On her sixth round-trip voyage, the Queen Mary wins the Blue Riband for the fastest North Atlantic crossings from the French Line's Normandie. (total of 14,777 troops & 893 crew) Task unit 31.29.1 escorted by US McClelland (DE-750) Berth L-52, Saipan, Marianas Islands: 45-06-20: S. Harding R.M.S. Sun 20/12/42 11.15pm Blackpool. Arrival at Pier 90 in New York at 4:20 p.m. Queen Mary and J. Holman, 735th MP Bn who was aboard : 45-06-19 First keel plate is laid for job #534 (which was eventually named the Queen Mary) at John Brown Shipyard. Dubbed, the “Grey Ghost,” the Queen Mary hauled as many as 15,000 men while playing a pivotal role in guiding the allied forces to victory. Officially retiring from ocean travel, the Queen Mary was moved to sunny Long Beach, California where it is a living landmark, popular attraction and hotel, exposing a whole new generation of fans to bygone era. The Queen Mary’s amateur radio station (W6RO) is renamed the Nate Brightman Radio Room in honor of Mr. Brightman’s more than 40 years old dedication to the station. This is a great record kept by Sgt Gerald Edward Hanson, RAF, Journey on the Queen Mary from Greenock to Egypt, 21.12.1942 to 25.1.1943. Listing Includes Date Voyage Began, Steamship Line, Vessel, Passenger Class and Route. 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Second fastest Atlantic crossing since 1938. I said to my mate “You know she’s zig-zigging all over the place in front of us, I’m sure we’re going to hit her.” And sure enough, the Queen Mary sliced the cruiser in two like a piece of butter, straight through the six inch armoured plating. The Queen Mary celebrates 30 years in Long Beach. Walt Disney Company gives up lease on the Queen Mary and Spruce Goose property. "Titanic: The Expedition" exhibit makes its West Coast debut aboard the Queen Mary. 45-12-31. Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary were used as troop transports during the Second World War. He got wind of this and asked a big gathering of troops at an event he was attending whether they wanted to continue filling the ships at normal capacity, or be crammed the hell into them to get home as soon as possible. The two ships saluted each other with their one-ton signaling horns. Enjoy the 1930s classic sophistication of the Queen Mary bars. If you have information about a crossing, ... 1945 (via Daniel B. Tompkins whose father, Ezra P. Tompkins, was the ship's captain) ... Queen Mary. Voyage #53 West. As England and France declare war on Germany, the Queen Mary’s days as a passenger ocean liner appear over. RMS Queen Mary — Record of Cruises, 1945–46 One 1945-46 voyage has this additional note: September 27, 1946: The Queen Mary was demobilized at … In the early days, the ship would be in port for 36 hours. Installation of engines and almost all of the heavy machinery is completed. In King George V Graving Dock. It looks crowded because everyone is on deck as it is pulling into harbor (look at the top of the picture). The agreement includes the Disneyland Hotel, and management of the Queen Mary and Spruce Goose property. Voyage #477. With a desire to replace Mauretania, Aquitania and Berengaria, the Cunard Line begins to discuss plans to build a new pair of super ocean liners. The Queen Mary departs Southampton at 4:33 p.m. on her maiden voyage, arriving in Cherbourg, France at 8:47 p.m. and departing at 12:39 a.m. the following morning. The two ships were a British response to the express superlinersbuilt by German, Italian and French companies in the late 1920s and early 19… At Honolulu, from the 75th Station Hospital, 69 nurses; 1563rd Engr., 7 officers and 191 enlisted men; 3024th QM, 1 officer and 55 enlisted men; 3020th Engr., 4 officers and 103 enlisted men. Undettered by lofty goals and the Great Depression, the building of the Queen Mary becomes a ground breaking technological achievement. It was a large 81,237-ton liner, 1,019.4 ft (310.7 m) in length and 118 ft (36.0 m) in width. Paired with Queen Elizabe… Spruce Goose is moved out of The Dome and put on barges headed to McMinnville, Oregon, having been sold to Evergreen International Aviation Inc. Joseph F. Prevratil, President & CEO of RMS Foundation, Inc. signs five-year lease with the city of Long Beach to act as operators of the Queen Mary. Queen Mary transported 36 tons of gold and silver from South Hampton to New York. 1965 - by ship: 650,000; by air: 4,000,000. Total: 16,683. The Queen Mary held the record. Crowded ship bringing American troops back home. The Queen Mary arrives in Long Beach, California. Dubbed, the “Grey Ghost,” the Queen Mary hauled as many as 15,000 men while playing a pivotal role in guiding the allied forces to victory. Voyage #516. So this web page is an informal collecting ground for information about troop ship crossings. RMS Foundation, Inc., schedules Diamond Jubilee Celebration for the 60th Anniversary of the Queen Mary’s Maiden Voyage from Southampton to New York. Dry docked in Singapore. The Queen Mary makes its final military voyage from Halifax to South Hampton. Voyage #513 East. King Edward VIII makes inspection tour of the ship. New York, NY. "40 Days and 40 Nights" voyage from Boston to Sydney, Australia. Most restaurants and Sunday Brunch are back. Learn More. The British Treasury makes advances of £4,500,000 toward the completion of #534, and authority was to be sought to make an advance not to exceed £5,000,000 for a second liner.